Wet surprise

Iohana Alvez , Karla
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Feb 07, 2019


Today Iohana brought a surprise to please her girlfriend, Karla. When she sees Iohana’s panties all wet with piss, she goes insane and already starts licking her. You can’t imagine how crazy and hot things get from this point on! They get naked, kiss a lot and share so much yellow liquid that is amazing. The jets go from one pussy to another, besides directly to one another’s mouths. They piss on each other’s bodies in so many positions that you won’t believe what you’re seeing, but for sure you be pleased with watching them all wet and horny, pissing like a fountain! Making their little play even better, they also lick and suck each other’s pussies, asses and nipples. It’s a piss mess, but I’m sure the girls enjoyed it and you will too!

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