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Piss Cocktail Party

Carol Castro , Chimeny , Mary Luthay , Nicole
Duration 40 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Piss
Date Oct 25, 2023


Carol Castro is giving a cocktail party for her friends from high society. Carol orders Nicole to serve more champagne, she can not know that Nicold changes the champagne for piss, Caro, Mary and Chimeny loved the secret SWALLOW. Carol asks Nicole about this SWALLOW that she never saw in her house and Nicole reveals the true ... It's pee, bitch! And spit on Carol's face. Carol is very angry, Mary and Chimeny are chocked by this situation and excited at the same time. They are ladies and never saw anything like this, one girl so naughty. Carol fired Nicole but her friends Mary and Chimeny decided to convince Carol to make something before that. They want to be naughty as Nicole so, Carol and her friends request some lessons to Nicole. Nicole will show to these ladies how to be naughty, making the ladies to lick their assholes and SWALLOW their pee.

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