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Washing your hair

Iohana Alvez , Victoria
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Jan 03, 2019


Victoria has no shampoo to wash her hair for months now. When she finally has the courage to ask Iohana to buy her some, her domme has a really bad reaction. Saying that her money is not to be spent on products for a bitch’s hair, Iohana refuses to listen to her slave’s wish. Doing her part as a good dome, she decides to wash her slave’s hair in a whole different way, with a shampoo that will hydrate and make her hair shine. Using her yellow and hot pee coming directly from the fountain, Iohana makes sure Victoria’s hair is all wet and washed just like she wanted so much. Everything that’s left on the floor cannot be wasted and has to be licked. Just to keep Victoria’s body hydrated too, the domme also piss on her mouth, making her drink everything. Good shower, huh?

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