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The urge to pee

Andressa , Karla
Duration 32 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Jan 02, 2020


These two friends are getting ready to go out, but Andressa has a huge urge to pee. Karla, coincidentally, is very thirsty! Therefore, they call their friends warning that they will be late, because they can’t miss this chance, nor waste a drop of piss! As soon as she takes off her clothes, Andressa already releases a huge jet of piss straight into Karla's face! She drinks every drop and delights in the taste, letting it drip down her body. The golden rain continues and they both enter the bathtub, rubbing their clits and sucking, always encouraging their urinary channels and bladders to release all the piss accumulated in them. It's delicious to see them aiming at each other's mouths as they let the piss out… It looks like a fountain!

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