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The swindler

Mary Castro , Latifa , Karla , Darla
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Oct 03, 2019


Mary is chatting with Karla and Latifa when someone knocks very hard on the door. It's Darla, and she came to collect money for all the panties she sold to Mary and didn't get paid! Mary denies being owed, and with the help of her friends, attacks Darla, leaving her unconscious and tying her up so that she doesn't run away. As punishment for the scandal, the three friends come together to make a waterfall of piss fall on top of Darla, always aiming at her mouth and face so that the liquid runs down her hair and all over her body. The blonde is also imposed to drink all the residue that remains on the floor, until the three can release from their bladders all the piss that was accumulated!

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