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Soaking my cousin

Latifa , Ayumi , Luca Medeiros
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Mar 12, 2020


Latifa comes home with her friend Ayumi and is faced with her baggy cousin, who soon offends the blonde. The two of them together decide to put Luca in his true place and show who's the boss in that house. Hooking him up with ropes so he doesn't escape and placing him on the floor, the girls take off their skirts and start peeing! They aim at him and drop a large amount on the ground as well, and make him drink from the puddle formed. To further demean him, they drag him across the floor to soak him with piss, releasing their bladders like true waterfalls of golden shower. Luca will never be rude with them again after this piss bath!

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Aug 12, 2021

this frustrating. i paid $85 for the pissing & vomit sites, plus access to scat sites. not seeing any info concerning scat sites,& none of the videos are playing.


Aug 03, 2021

The videos don't play even though I have a plan

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