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Piss fountain

Perla , Outro
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Apr 04, 2019


Perla and her girlfriend finally arrived home, after a big party. They were almost going crazy there, dying of wish to have each other and not being able to be together. The girls already enter home kissing and caressing, and doesn’t take too long for them to take off their panties to start doing what really excites them: pissing on each other! Two hot brunettes all covered in the golden liquid, pissing on their mouths and vaginas, besides rubbing it all over their skins and sharing it from mouth to mouth, between kisses. The best part is, without a doubt, when they use a fountain to spice things up! One of them pisses on it and let the liquid flow, while the other uses a straw to drink it!

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