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Full bladders

Carlota , Felicia , Mariana , Becky
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Dec 26, 2019


These 4 friends are in the bathroom line and can't wait anymore: their bladders are almost exploding and they need to pee. Unable to contain herself, Carlota lets out a huge jet of piss. Becky gets excited and horny about it and asks to suck it, enjoying the taste of the golden liquid. Felicia and Mariana end up loosening their bladders too, and Becky feels like in a real piss paradise! These three can't stop releasing the liquid while sucking each other’s pussies, and Becky gets soaked with piss. It looks like she took a shower! All 4 enjoy the moment, with a mixture of relief and pleasure, and the room gets all wet. Looks like they don't need a toilet anymore, huh?

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Jun 11, 2020

The movie not work

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