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Double shower

Iohana Alvez , Milly , Iris
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Jun 20, 2019


Iohana and Iris already realized that the water in their house was cut, but they didn’t really care. When Milly discovers that the two slackers haven’t paid the bill and she can’t take a shower to go to her appointment, the blonde gets very angry! She arrives screaming and fighting with the girls, who refuse to work to help with the house bills. In addition, Milly is dominated by these two, who decide to give her a bath with double shower... With a very golden and dirty water! Thrown on the floor, undressed and very demeaned, Milly takes a bath of piss, besides having to drink the impure liquid and to be disgusting for her appointment ... Poor thing, poor blonde girl!

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