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Drinking from the source

Full movie length: 30 minutes Production date: Dec 19, 2019 Full movie price: -- Carol | Fernanda Vargas Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Carol appears in lingerie and Fernanda can’t contain herself. She wants to enjoy their time together by doing something they both love to spice up their sex. Wasting no time, they already caress each other's private parts, masturbating their pussies and sucking on their huge and tasty breasts, ready for the best part to come: drink piss straight from the source! While one is below, the other comes above and begins to relieve her bladder right in the mouth of her girlfriend, who always drinks the liquid with great taste and very horny. They let the piss drip down their bodies and suck on the remaining liquid, gargling and swallowing as much as they can. Nothing better than sucking a pissed pussy, huh?

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THE ECSTASY HOLDS Jade Feb 23, 2018
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