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Punishment at Angel's House

Latifa , Angel , Renata
Duration 51 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Sep 10, 2018


Angel is on her computer working and her slave brings her a glass of juice, but it tastes awful! She can’t even prepare a decent juice. So Angel decided to let the work aside for a minute to prove that everything tastes better than that juice. But first she will give the slave the full treatment, starting with a hard trampling with super high heels, then the slave has to lick the entire dirty shoe and feet of the mistress. After that, Angel sits on Renata’s face, and all that she can feel is the mistress’s pussy on her face! She even makes the bad slave licks her asshole and put the tongue deep inside it. When you think that’s enough, Latifa arrives to complete the team and will piss, shit and vomit inside the slave’s mouth and spread all over her body!

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Oct 08, 2018

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