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Naughty slave punished

Tais Daeva , Adrielly Fernandes , Saori Kido
Duration 21 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Piss
Date Sep 13, 2019


Taís and Adrielly are tired of Saori's behavior. With her somber face and huge ass, the slave is always stealing their boyfriends and friends. They decide to put an end to it and teach Saori an awful lesson so she will never misbehave again. Undressing the slave and taking pictures of her naked, the girls have fun demeaning her, but the best part comes later: in addition to licking their shoes, Saori is imposed to lick their asses and pussies, encouraging the grand finale… Piss! The girls make sure to cover her with a golden shower, leaving her soaked and her hair disgusting! Saori took a wet punishment that she will never forget, and it was all recorded to go online!

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