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Different way to pay

Latifa , Cristina
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Dec 13, 2018


Latifa is tired of waiting for Cristina to pay her the big amount of money she’s owing for the water bill. As Cristina comes home from work without the cash again, it’s time to make her pay in some other way. Latifa slaps and whips Cristina while taking off her clothes and tying her hands. Every time the debtor screams, the domme gets angrier and makes her suffer even more. Wanting to satisfy her deep wish while taking advantage of Cristina, Latifa starts pissing on her mouth, making her gargle and drink all the yellow liquid. Latifa also ties the girl’s feet so she can’t move or disturb her. The domme keeps peeing on the debtor’s face, mouth and hair and if she lets any drop of the piss fall, she has to lick it until the floor is completely clean. To have a good closure, Latifa rubs pee on Cristina’s face and makes her lick her pussy, while the girl cries and begs for the domme to stop. Feeling sorry for her? I’m not.

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Apr 03, 2020

Latifa is always top!!! I'm totally addict. She is really FANTASTIC, dominant or slave, she is THE best. More, please


Aug 16, 2019


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