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Refreshing pee

Ravana , Tatthy
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Mar 26, 2020


Ravana comes home desperate for a shower, not handling the heat, and Tatthy reveals that the water in the house has run out. But, the white girl has an incredible idea for them to cool off: piss on each other! Naked, these two sit on the floor and begin to release all the liquid that has accumulated in their bladders, letting everything fall on each other’s body as if it were a real shower. They rub everything over their bodies and refresh themselves as much as they can, even drinking the piss straight from each other's pussy to quench their thirst, and of course, taking the opportunity to suck and put a huge sexual content in the piss bath. Even tribadism happens and these two, besides being refreshed, get full of lust!

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