Can't hold it anymore!

Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Mar 19, 2020


Lizandra comes into your house with a full bladder, and can't get to the bathroom... She pisses on the floor in your living room! Of course, you don't mind, because the yellow liquid that forms a puddle on the floor is delicious. Excited, Lizandra continues to pee and gets naked, lying on your couch and pissing in her own mouth. In addition, she still has the help of a funnel with a hose, a glass and a jar to accumulate her piss and bathe with it, besides to drinking it back. Your living room gets soaked and Lizandra's body also get covered in the liquid, and you love watching that private piss show made just for you. This hot girl relieves her bladder in an extremely sensual way!

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