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The smell of piss

Manuela , Ju
Duration 20 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Piss
Date Oct 11, 2019


Manuela arrives desperate to use the toilet, but ends up peeing on her own clothes, because when she enters in the bathroom, she faces a deplorable situation. She fights with Ju and complains about the dirt, but also chooses to punish her friend by making her lick and smell all the piss that is running down her ass and legs. Ju runs her tongue over the piss with disgust, and soon is imposed to lick Manuela's pussy and ass too, cleaning both holes while the redhead relieves her bladder even more. Manuela has fun and gets very pleased with the situation, but Ju deeply regrets the mess she made in the bathroom, because the taste and smell of the golden shower are terrible! Wow!

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Jan 14, 2021

I bought an account for this movie and it doesn’t work


Apr 05, 2020



Oct 30, 2019

does not work!


Oct 25, 2019

Love the new slave!!

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