Water pump

Raquel , Iohana Alvez
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Jan 16, 2020


Raquel sabotaged Iohana's water pump so she could have water in her apartment, and when Iohana goes to argue about it, the water thief doesn’t let her exalt herself. Right away, Raquel promises to give Iohana a bath so she can go to work clean… A piss bath! Her pussy will be Iohana's water pump, and Raquel pisses on the whole girl! Iohana's clothes get soaked, her hair gets all wet and her mouth gets full of piss, which Raquel makes her gargle and swallow several times. In addition to stealing the water from Iohana's apartment, Raquel still relieves her bladder on top of the girl, pumping all the piss out… And oh, Iohana has to lick Raquel's floor and legs so that not a single drop is wasted!

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Apr 05, 2020


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