Don't hold your pee!

Karina Lemos , Vanessa Schimit
Duration 32 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Feb 20, 2020


Karina comes home desperate to pee, and before she even gets to the bathroom, Vanessa kneels and opens her mouth, ready to receive the golden shower. Karina relieves her bladder in a way that she can't even aim at her friend's mouth, because the piss falls like a waterfall on her, everywhere! Vanessa gets excited and also decides to pee, and Karina gargles the liquid she receives in her mouth, swallowing everything and kissing her friend afterwards. They are excited by the game, and the golden shower is mixed with lesbian sex, full of pussy licking, masturbation, hot kisses and nipple sucking. These two girls seem to pee without end, as they always release the liquid from their bladders as if they were fountains!

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Apr 05, 2020


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